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Whether youre a new home buyer looking for a bargain, or a savvy real estate investor looking for properties that can be flipped for profit, chances are youve looked into the possibility of purchasing a Real Estate Owned home, or REO. Thanks to factors such as a tighter lending environment, reduced competition for mortgages, and current refinancing conditions, the popularity of REO property purchases has recently been on the rise. REOs have a number of advantages, over more traditional property purchases, such as below market value costs and sellers that are motivated to close. However, like all major investments, buying an REO shouldnt be undertaken without first educating yourself on the specifics of the process.

When you begin looking into purchasing an REO, there are a few things that you need to make certain you have in order first. Youll need a lenders pre-approval letter on their own letterhead, your FICO scores, a verification of funds for the down payment, and a deposit check for 1% of the purchase price. Once you have all the necessary legal documentation in order, there are a number of websites that allow you to search REO properties in specific areas or by price; you can go directly to a lender or lending institution who will have an individual or even an entire department dedicated to REOs with an inventory of all of their properties; or there are local and regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases that contain area REO listings.

The location of your new home should be a primary concern. Obviously the typical considerations of proximity to work, family, friends and schools is still paramount, but you also want to make sure that the house is located in a community and neighborhood that you want to be a part of. One strategy for finding a location with good values is to look for homes for sale in Lubbock, Texas, Akron, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, or any other cities that have experienced a minor downturn in the market at some point in the recent past, but which are currently showing signs of economic recovery.

One issue thats a little complicated, but that you need to understand before attempting to purchase a REO home, is that in some more populated regions there are multiple local MLSs, and they dont always communicate with each other. For example, if a listing agent based in the aforementioned Lubbock gets an REO listing in Amarillo, they may or may not choose to pay the fees to post it to both the Amarillo and Lubbock MLSs, so make sure that you search all the databases for your surrounding regions.

It is also important to remember that, when youre purchasing an http://www.simsurbanoasis-by-guocoland.com REO from the bank, that your property is always going to be as-is. The bank doesnt do anything to fix up the home between the http://realestate.cleveland.com/ time that it http://dre.ca.gov/ is vacated, you see it, and the homes closing. All responsibilities for repairs, even those that have to be done prior to closing (such as those needed in order to secure an FHA loan) will fall on the shoulders of the prospective buyer.

The time is right for informed buyers to look into their REO options, due to their current availability, the motivated nature of the sellers, and, of course, the economic advantage that REOs have over current market prices. Make sure that you are going into the process with open eyes, but, for the smart investor, REO properties can save the buyer tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the final sale.

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Bed and Bath - Discussions - Hampton Rhodes Mattress Anyo...

Hi, I am ready to purchase a new mattress, the one we settled on was a SImmons Beautyrest something or other and was about $2000.That was a little too steep for us, so I was looking at some closeouts (Simmons) that were more in our price range. The manager of the Matress Firm recommended I try a Hampton Rhodes mattress which is some store brand, he said was closer to the $2000 mattress we were looking at than the closeout, but was about the same price as http://www.kohls.com/catalog/baby-bedding-baby-gear.jsp?CN=4294705656+4294719566 the closeout.

It was very comfortable and seemed well constructed and was equally comfortable to the higher end Simmons. It has a 10 year warranty and a 100 day buyback guarantee. Problem is I can't find a lick of learn the facts here now information on the mattress and whether is something worth considering.

Can anyone provide some info on the product, or the manufacturer?? Thanks.

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Tax consequences of real estate investment.

Tax consequences of real estate investment

In today's economic climate, the question of whether real estate presents an investment opportunity is commonly asked. With prices seemingly depressed and interest rates low, many taxpayers are considering real estate as an investment opportunity.

We are constantly being queried as to the tax ramifications of a real estate investment.

The most common type of real estate investment for the individual is in the form of rental property. The usual scenario is for the taxpayer to purchase either a single unit (a none-family house, an apartment, or a commercial building) or a multiple unit rental property (an apartment building or

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What does 'freehold' mean in real estate?

Mike is right on with that. A freeholder is considered to be the absolute owner of the land and buildings comprised http://realestate.findlaw.com/ in his title; he has the right to occupy, use and enjoy his property forever ("in perpetuity") or until he transfers the title to a new owner, and his heirs are entitled to inherit his title upon his death

The opposite would be if you owned property that more then one person owned:

Joint tenants share legal title to the http://simsurbanoasis-by-guocoland.com property. Each of the owners has an equal share in the value of the property as a whole. TransferProperty held in joint tenancy automatically becomes the property of the other joint tenant(s) when one joint tenant dies.

Tenants in common each have separate legal title to the property. Their ownership rights may be equal or unequal, but they apply to the property as a whole, not to identified parts of the property. Property held by tenants in common goes to the heirs of the estate, determined by a will or the laws governing heirs, when one of the tenants dies

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Can I buy a house in my name if my wife refuses to buy or sign any escrow papers or even quit claim deed?

Hi, I think some education for your wife might be in order, from someone other than you, no offense. A third party influence could be helpful, but my expertise is not in marital affairs, even after two of them, LOL. An attorney might be bucks well spent, it should not be hard to find one who invests in real estate.

The answer to the question is yes! The rule is, it takes one to buy and two to sell! If you have access to funds to provide certified funds at a closing, you can buy anything you want to. You can put the property in your name only. You can later provide a half interest by quit claim to keep the peace. The only time you may have a problem is when you get a loan to purchase,

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San Francisco Real Estate: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

"If you hit a fork in the road, take it" is one of the late Yogi Berra's greatest lines, and, for me, it really captures the dilemma -- and the opportunity -- facing the Bay Area as we move deeper into the 21st Century.

Residents of San Francisco and San Diego aren't the only ones getting priced out of California's housing market. Among the nation's 15 most-expensive metro areas, the Golden State is now home to almost half of them, according to a recent study by NerdWallet.


Providing clarity for all of life's financial decisions.

Unfortunately, given the cost of housing in some areas of the country--usually attributable to the artists and/or the art and

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Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Five Properties

OAK BROOK, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. (IREA) announced today the acquisition of five properties purchased in September on behalf of Inland related parties. The acquisitions collectively total $138.4 million in purchase price for approximately 498,000 square feet of commercial real estate across five states. The properties acquired include a medical office building, a single-tenant retail store, an athletic facility, a shopping center and a multifamily property.

The five properties include: Mountain Point Medical, a recently built, approximately 60,000-square-foot medical office building located approximately 25 miles south of Salt botaniqueatbartley-uolgroup Lake City; a Walgreens with approximately 15,200 square feet located in Waunakee, Wisconsin; an athletic club with 143,286 square feet located in Nevada; a shopping center with 84,891 square feet that is 100 percent leased, located in Lawrence, Kansas; and a Class A multifamily property with 206 units, located in Frederick, Maryland.

With the help of Sharon Anderson-Cox, Matt Tice and Mark Cosenza, September was a great month for IREA, said Joe Cosenza, president of Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. and vice chairman of The Inland Real Estate Group, Inc. We closed on http://www.weichert.com/NJ/ five different types of properties that met our criteria of being stable, newly constructed, ideally located and income-producing. During the first nine months of this year we have purchased a total of 44 properties for approximately $1.2 billion across four different asset sectors. I look forward to the deals we will close in the last three months of the year.

About Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc.

Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. is the purchasing arm for various entities that are a part of The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc., a group of independent legal entities, some of which may be affiliates, share some common ownership or have been sponsored or managed by Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation or its subsidiaries (collectively, Inland). For additional information, please refer to Inlands website at www.inlandgroup.com.